About Taiwan

  •  2008 Taiwan Taipei 101 New Year Fireworks




 120-001741.jpg 120-000060.jpg                                       flag.jpg Taiwan (Republic of China R.O.C.)

Area : 36,000 square kilometers

Population: 23 million

Capital : Taipei City

Language : Mandarin/Taiwanese/Hakka/Indigenous Languages

Taiwan (Republic of China R.O.C.), the main island is located in East Asia off the coast of mainland China. Sometimes people are confused about what is the difference between Republic of China and People’s Republic of China. Many people said Taiwan is one part of China. Nevertheless, from my point of view, the relationship between Taiwan and China is more like a couple always bickering about something or other. Mostly they are sweet, but sometime they hate each other. Additionally, even they have a relationship for over a long period of time, they are not really to get marry yet, sometime they both have a date with someone, but deep down in side their hart, they know they can not live without other.

In almost accounts of Taiwan, the state has been described as the major impetus of economic development and techological upgrading. The primary goal of the Taiwanese government in high technology industerial development since the early 1970s has been to spur the growth of the information techology (IT) industry. Today Taiwan has becom a most famous brand name in globe IT industy. Taiwan is bigest world’s LCD monitors suppiler, PC cameras, DVD disks and 90% of globe’s wireless LANs are also made in Taiwan. Maybe, in this moment you are using computer, MP3 or using wireless internet, there are all come from Taiwan.

  • There is one interesting video below which is about the Taiwan IT industy, if you interesting you can look at inside ^_^  



Taiwan is the place I live and grow up, it is bursting with vitality and pleasant amazement. I do recommend you to visit my place, and I gave you a guarantee that you would find Taiwan is more than that……………. 

Before you read my article, do you know anythings about Taiwan? What is first impression of Taiwan? And what is the most difference between your country and Taiwan? I really interest to know your opinion, please don’t hesitate to making a comment. Maybe you can tell me something about your country and what is the most fascinatng thing you think in your country……………  



  1. Yeah~~~
    Taiwan is an amazing country!!
    Once you visit Taiwan, you will fall in love with this place!!
    Taiwan’s food will also make you don’t want to leave!!

  2. I love Taiwan !!!
    I love Taiwan !!!
    I love Taiwan !!!

  3. Hi William

    I think you really do love Taiwan. Thanks man…..

  4. hello

  5. Taiwanese snacks are the most popular food.There are many kinds of Taiwanese snacks.For example, the stinking tofu and meat ball soup.
    If you have a chance, look around the night markets in Taiwan. You’ll get different experiences!!

  6. Hey guys what are you waiting for? You must to visit Taiwan……!!!

  7. Hey my best friend:

    I am waiting for you to go back for our university annual reunion in Taiwan.
    I guess we will have a big meal as usual in my place and than having hot spring together in Yang Ming Shan national park, and plus a lots cute girls will come with us.
    So when you decided to come back, please don’t forget to give me a call and we will find the “best” place for you to celebrate!

    Best reards


    Taipei, Tawan ROC


  8. Hey EVE:

    How’s going, it is really good to see your post in my blog. I have to say I am very very look forward to see you guys again and forget about big meal, I would suggest that how about surfing on the northeast coast and than have a cup of beer!

  9. Hi david

    I didn’t see you for a long time. When will you come back Taiwan?
    If you come back,you must call me.We can talk the past and play basketball.
    Anyway,don’t give up chasing your dream.
    What is worth doing is worth doing well.


  10. Hi my dear friends

    Thanks for the comment, you are very kind and when I get back I will absolute let you know ….

  11. Dear my friend

    Today is the day of the university reunion.
    Even just only 20 people came, we still have a lot of fun.
    Unfortunately you can not join us. Anyway, hope you can come back as soon as possible.


  12. Hi my dear cousin

    Yesteday I met your younger brother.
    And we have a great time.
    I am so so so miss you.
    My sister will come back on July.
    When will you come back??
    I hope to see you soon!!
    Love you so much. n_n


  13. hello I am yvonne 岑岑

    Hey My Dear borther

    I am in the poland
    tomorro we will have the one week break for easter break, how about you? Do you have the break?
    I am miss you very much and I hope I can see you as soon as possible

    love you

  14. hello my dear
    long time no see
    I am in the poland syudy the medical school of the dentistry program in english at poznan
    hahaha but my english is not goog so I study hard
    but I am not faile any class haha all pass
    I am miss you very much
    and I hope see you as soon as possible
    love you

  15. Taiwan is a goo place

  16. Taiwan is a beautiful place in Asia and Taiwan is aways warm,you can’t usally wear the coat,because is hot and warm here.Taiwan have six national parks-Mount Jade National Park,Taroko National Park,Kenting National Park,Chinmen National Park,

    Yangmingshan National Park,Shel-PA National Park.You can go hiking or watch the sunrise in the national park.There are a lot of wild animals still living in the national park,when you take walk in the natinal park maybe you are sounds melody.There are many peoples live there,the people is so amorous in there.At night,if you hungry,you could be going to night market,the foods it’s tastes yummy.Have you ever eaten Taiwan’s food.Try some next time.And don’t forget this nice place!

  17. Yeah~
    I love Taiwan !!

  18. I ‘ m so proud of Taiwan…the highest Building Taipei 101…

  19. As a Taiwanese I also proud of that!!

  20. Taiwan is the place you must to visit………!

  21. The shopping center in Taipei 101 I like it, and if you come you will love it.

  22. Taiwan is wonderful!


  24. Welcome to Taiwan guys!

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