About Me


Hello guys!

This is my first blog I have created. My name is Wang Su Wei (or you can call me David), I am a MSc Marketing student in Leeds Metropolitan University in UK.  I come from Taiwan, which is a very beautiful island in Southeast Asia. In my country, the weather usually quite warm, so if I have free time I usually like do some exciting water sports. 

When I was a high school student, I begin to studied in Electronic, Mechanical, Chemical, Engineering for seven years, and received my Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. After two years working, one day I suddenly recognized I don’t want to do any boring calculation and running the computer programs anymore. So now I am studying business in marketing area. This blog is my first personal blog about public relations, I do welcome everyone post your opinions or thoughts in here, and I believe I can learn a lots from you and rather than read through the heavy  text books. ^_^

I’m sure I could blather on longer, but I never like writing these things. ^_^



  1. Hello, David~~
    Your blog is so cool. I like it!!
    I’m glad that you have so many great ideas in your life! Keep going!

  2. Hi Cindy

    Thanks a lot, I am very happy you said that……

  3. hi, David~~

    Congratulations!! You have found what u exactly like then make a decision to transfer in Business field. Hope u can enjoy it !! Make your life more colourful!!

  4. Dear Ivy

    Thanks a lot, I hope you are enjoy reading my article, and I am very look forward to your next comment.

  5. hi..nice seeing your blog….
    so many academic discussion….impressive…
    u are so passionate in studies..
    keep up good work…

  6. Hi cousin
    Your blog is so cool!!
    The picture is your drivies plane??
    I went to China on January.
    And the weather is so bad.
    Our plane could’t flight.
    We stay at airport for 5 hour. We jest cant flight.
    This tour have a lot of fun.
    I hope to see your soon. and tell all funny things to you. n n

  7. hello !!!I’m from Taiwan
    and…come to say” Hello” haha…

  8. Nice to meet you

  9. Dear my cousin:
    Your blog is so cool!
    I like it!!

  10. grant!!!

  11. wow !! your blog is very cool !!

    good luck to you !!

  12. Your blog is so cool .

    I like it a lot……..

  13. good job!

  14. Welcome to my place guys………very welcome

  15. Nice to meet you~

  16. it’s cool
    i love it



  18. Willan

    Thanks man~~!!

  19. Hey~just let you know, I have added your blog in my blog! keep blogging……..

  20. Hi David,

    Haven’t see u for ages.
    How’s going everything!
    I believe you must have a fantastic Uni. life there.
    Hope you can achieve all of your assignments and get everything you want.
    Keep going forward!
    Good luck!

  21. Hi Yves

    It is good to see your post in my blog, thanks for your post and I will keep contact with you, I promise.

  22. Hey there,

    But I’ve to say, your blog is really awesome!
    So cool~

  23. hi good site thanks http://peace.com

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