Posted by: David | Sunday, May 9,2010

Being a Businessman


 It is been a very long time, I haven’t got time for blogging. After graduated from the University, many things have changed a lot. I am so busy to being a “sales” or “businessman”. I would like to share some ideas to your guys.

Initially, we see some person, who has a big car, dresses well, has a beautiful girl with him, immediately the first thought that goes through many heads is he must be a business man. Yea, he can be, but he can also be a high paid manager or something. But why do we immediately jump to the conclusion that its a businessman.

Well, the term businessman means everything that people wish for, independence, being the boss, travel, and the one who people come to, to ask for advise. But all of us who are businessman, know that’s not necessary true, the people only see our chocolate side, the surface, when we go to meetings, to impress the party to do business with us, they don´t see beneath the surface, the hard work, the struggles, and crazy work hours, and trying to grow another pair of hands to get the job done.

From my point of view, the true path of business is to be able to grasp any opportunity that comes your way, so in respect to that, any business man, is a perfectionist, to some degree, they have to bee, since only then they are able to grasp the opportunities that come their way in the individual trade.

If possible, I would like to hear your view of a businessman/woman.


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