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Through all the recent technological advances, radio has remained almost unchanged. When people’s thoughts turn to new technology and interactive media, radio is not the first medium that springs to mind.


In the 1930s, broadcast radio has used AM (Amplitude Modulation) on both the Medium Wave and Long Wave bands. After 20 years later, in the 1950s, FM (Frequency Modulation) broadcasting began on the VHF Band, providing much better quality for listeners. Nowadays the “DAB” is still little-known outside the radio industry. But it will set broadcasting standards for the next 50 years, with DAB, radio goes digital.



  • What is DAB?


DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a new way of broadcasting radio via a network of terrestrial transmitters, bringing listeners more choice, improved sound quality, ease of tuning and extra information capacity. While DAB is the fastest-growing platform, it is important to recognize that digital radio is radio via any digital platform. It is sometimes mistakenly assumed that the term ‘digital radio’ refers only to DAB radio (radio transmitted via Digital Audio Broadcasting). For example, there are four main platforms currently which are Digital Audio Broadcasting, digital TV, mobile phone and the internet.


Figure: Top three things likely to be doing when listening radio via DAB, DTV, Internet, Mobile




(Source: WARC)


Furthermore, DAB offers the listener genuine CD quality sound, anywhere, with no interference and doing it at lower cost, since DAB broadcasts require less power than FM or AM. More importantly, it is a combination of new technologies that are likely to have a dramatic impact on radio audience throughout the world.


This process of change has raised a lot of questions about how, where and when people might listen in the digital age, and how advertisers might benefit from these trends. I believe in an increasingly consumer-led market the consumer expects the suppliers to overcome any “delivery” problems and this applies equally to radio.



  1. In my opinion, the most useful feature of DAB for me is to offer extra information about radio programme, such as programme name and song name, while CD quality sound is not distinguishable when the speakers are not as good as hi fi.

  2. Interesting topic, I think radio since long ago can give any informaton to the listener anytime and anyplace. In my oppinion, Radio will survive for a long time.

  3. Lukman

    Yes I agree. Radio will survive in the digital age. Even new techology brings a lots new digital products, people are still need radio when they driving and showering. Having said that, DAB gives radio a new way to delivery the massages not just in local area is in the worldwide.

  4. i m doing my final year project in dab receiver
    i face a problem to implement it when calculating fft(extracting OFDM symbols).
    please anybody give effective way to solve this problem

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