Posted by: David | Friday, April 18,2008

Word of “MOUSE”

“Word of Mouse” is the online version of Word of Mouth, internet user-driven spread of a message or communications agent. This is also called “viral”, and it usually use online by businesses is often referred to online viral marketing (Chaffey et al., 2007).


“Viral marketing is a cleaver idea, a game, a shocking idea, or a highly informative idea which makes compulsive viewing.”


                                                                      (Smith and Chaffey, 2005)



Figure: Lifecycle of a vrial campaign



(Source: WOMMA-Word of Mouth Marketing Association, 2008 )


Word of Mouse activities are becoming increasingly important to brands and companies. Because, company needs to realize that today traditional advertising ways and old media channels are no longer works. In those old media channels are too much clutter and too many noise surrounding audiences. As a result, there is another new efficiency way (online viral marketing) for advertisers to gain the consumers attention and spread the messages in order to reach target audience and buy their products.



The most successful use of this kind of viral marketing is not stand-alone, but as an integrated part of a brand’s overall strategy. One mistake brands and companies make is thinking that a viral campaign is an end in itself, rather than a means to end. Both viral marketing and public relations are the process not an event and they are combining together. Both of them are create buzz, to help build brands and shift product or messages.



Additionally, integrating viral marketing with public relations companies in the marketing mix does not mean making sure the campaign’s graphics are consistent across all media. It means telling a similar story in different ways across the media, depending on channel and audience, in a way appropriate to the peer-to-peer and file-sharing activities web users engage in.



I would say, understanding the place of Word of Mouse in the overall mix and using it strategically rather than tactically is the key to success of this approach, I think.




Reading List:


Chaffey, D., Chadwick, F. E., Johnston, K., Maryer, R. (2007) Internet marketing: strategy, implementation and practice England, Pearson Education Limited.



Smith, P.R. and Chaffey, D.(2005) E-marketing excellence-The heart of E-business Oxford, Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann.




  1. from above of your mentioned points…
    viral marketing is much more than creating buzz word also beyond the classic ways of marketing mix.

    it seem like “word-of-MOUSE” is used as a metaphor for how the PR or Marketing people should realise people and communities in cybersphere.

    btw. i like the way u create the topic, it always interesting me as well as it contains lots more good ideas and information. 🙂

  2. Bentale:

    I think today“Word-of-MOUSE”is much more stronger and powerful than traditional “word-of-mouth” because of techology.

    “Word-of-MOUSE” is more easy, efficiency and infinite. However, theoretically they are the same, one message pass to other by people.

    Now I think the most difficult part for online WOM is not to reach the target audience, is how to stop the message, because it going too fast and usually out of control.

    And I am very happy you like my post and blog. Thanks!

  3. Through the invention of information technology, more and more applications have shaped new ways of marketing. This word-of-mouse is this kind of new application.

    Of course, this kind of new application should combine with firm’s strategic and other marketing tools. But I believe this methodology can increase the effectiveness of marketing.

  4. Pual

    Agree, I think using internet and new technologies to increase the effectiveness of communication for company is unavoidable.

    PR people and marketing people not just need to learn how to use and live with that, they also need to learn how to control that.

  5. I like this topic which is fitting in this new centry!!
    WOM already exist everywhere ,especially in new
    generation. This is the most effective way in marketing strategy. However, how to control it and to manage it is more important issue to be taken consideration.

    This press is really interesting, i would recommend it for my friend. Cheers, David.

  6. To make an effective marketing strategy, one of the most important tool is WOM as the communication process of WOM can be run by its audiences. Moreover, the advance of technology enhance this process to be strength and enlarge.

    However, both positive messages and nagative messages can be spreaded by WOM. Thus, another important task for PR practitioner is to find the ways to control it.

  7. it make me think the cheeses and mouse book in marketing areas, ‘who’s moving my cheeses? ‘ this is one best seller book in the world for long time, one simple question for big theory in marketing place. i have not reading it, now just felt i really need to read it 🙂

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