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Today more and more people are using search engines to find information, particularly young people turn to the internet for news rather than traditional media (TV, newspaper or radio). According to The World Advertising Research Center (2007) shows, approximately 30 million people throughout Western Europe use a News Engine every month.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to web site from search engines by using targeted keywords. And NESEO (News Search Engine Optimization) is combines skill sets from public relations and search engine marketing, and is a crossover between search, marketing and public relations. It also involves communicating online material to news websites and making people more easily to found information in search engines (Hawkes, R. & Gibbon, T., n.d.).

Why is this important? Because it not just about people reading news. For company point of views, the business need for getting their news ranked highly in search engines. For example, if company web sites can get links from a trusted news sources, it could be very important for brand value and for search.


News search engines offer companies a great way to receive targeted traffic related to breaking topics through press releases and other public relations information. Nevertheless, a lot of people think that search engine marketing (SEM) is only about generating leads, which is important right after driving traffic to your site and right before selling things online. But I think if companies really want to be successful of news search, understand that ranking is just a step. Today ranking well for old press release will not very important, because news search depends on timeliness.

TABLE 1: SEARCH ENGINE STATISTICS – 2006                              




(Source: The World Advertising Research Center)


News search engine rankings are ensuring that the interested target audience can find them under relevant searches to learn more about their stories, products, services and brand. However, I think today the main focus is not so much on news is more on building and maintaining brand reputation and equity.




  1. I like you post man, you know our group will have to research that area, so it was good reading you post give me a good jump start.
    SEO is a amazing tool but will never replace PR entirely.

  2. Hi prwirelessch

    I am agree with you, even Search Engine Optimization is a power tool, but it is still hard to replace PR.

  3. click

  4. it seem like they try to generate a method to ranks the press release which are published on internet.

    by count on the numbers of viewer as SEO have been doing on general website.

    interesting, but how can we make sure that the amounts of page view aren’t fake?

    (even some might say, “UIP” may be the prove. )

    as u guys said, it’s not only SEO and even it ‘s now a powerful tools, but can’t replace those traditional ways.

    nice post dave, thanks

  5. Dear Bentale

    Thanks for your comment, I think even techologies are so advanced today, but it still basic on “people” and the main purpose for using techology is to help people to recive message in a more efficiency way. Having said that, public relations is all about the relationship between people, I would say that public relations is the foundation of new tehcologies in nowdadys, again it can not be replaced.

  6. Good post. News is highly searchable, and is an asset public relations brings to the world of new media. I agree with Anderson about the balance of power between PR and SEO.

  7. Dear Richard

    Thanks for the comment. Now I am going to check the SEO post in Anderson’s blog and try to make some “negative” comments in there.

  8. Great post,
    I had been wondering about this, only last week, certainly answered a few questions!
    I’ll have my blog on the top of Google in no time!

  9. Hi Cillian Naughton

    I would say, the best way for get good search ranking is to reflash your blog and comments.

  10. I agree totally on “building and maintaining brand reputation and equity” But I think Search Engine Marketing is a little more then just press alone being the best thing to have out there. Take for example Social Media right now for most top tier search terms Social Media ranks even higher then sites that are trying to get optimized for that term. I think there are lots of things you can do and all of them work well so rather then doing just a few. Do everything you can to put your company in front of as many eyeballs as possible. No matter where they come from.

    Michael McCoy

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